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Pixelweb Design owner - Michael CollinsMy name is Michael Collins, and my goal is to design and build websites that function correctly and increase revenue to the client. I have a degree in Information Technology and a Masters in Internet Systems, both from Dublin City University. I also have qualifications in Electronic Engineering, Cisco, Pneumatic and Hydraulics.

I have been in business with professional design and development of websites, Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing in Ireland since 2003. I offer a broad range of services to help you reach your goals in your business venture. I live near Nenagh, Co. Tipperary in Ireland and my aim is to give you the full service you need for your business.

I operate a full service site development company specialising in the creation of websites, sales funnels and ecommerce sites.
My website designs are not only visually appealing, but they are also functional and easy to navigate.

My designs are also SEO optimized, so they will rank well in Google searches and drive visitors to your site.



Web Design & Development

Web Development Tipperary
Web design & development

I design and build websites that work. Website design has changed over the years, and as your site is a reflection of your business, you need to have a modern website which will give your clients confidence in your business.

I build websites using WordPress CMS as WordPress is the market leader in content management systems, is easy to configure for SEO and is responsive for mobile-friendly sites.

I also use Groove.cm for some of my site design as this service offer an easy to use page builder, an e-commerce platform, an email marketing system and a membership website, all available on a free hosting plan.

I am located near Nenagh, and most of my clients are from Tipperary and Limerick.

Pixelweb Design also have clients from other areas of Ireland, some of which we have only communicated with through Skype and email. If it is possible, We try to meet clients in person, as we think this is the best way to understand what the customer needs from their website.

Small Business Sites

Small business owners often do not realize how much their website should cost. They think that they can get away with having a free site because they don't want to spend any money. However, if you look at your competitors, you will see that they have paid thousands of Euro for their sites. If you want your small business to succeed, you must invest in a good website.

A small business website costs anywhere from €500 - €3,000 depending on what features you want. The best way to find out how much your website would cost is to talk to someone like me, who knows what they are doing. As a professional designer, I can help you decide which design works best for your business. You can then use this knowledge to make decisions about the features you want on your site.


Employing a web designer to build you e-commerce design takes the stress out of e-commerce and provides the best possible user experience in return for your investment.

When it comes to ecommerce, Pixelweb Design understand online stores are quick coming to be the go to choice for all level of retail store.
In the past, reliable eCommerce was thought to only be for companies with enormous amounts of available funds to develop their online stores.

Updates to platforms such as WordPress and plugins have actually made eCommerce website design projects a reasonable choice for every scale of operation by reducing the total cost of creating eCommerce stores.
The preliminary leap into eCommerce can be difficult, so working with a specialist in eCommerce website design such as Pixelweb Design, might make the initial steps a bit less scary.

Shopify and Groovekart are an effective method of building an ecommerce business. Both these platforms have various plans to suit every level of business.

As a long-term company with years of expertise in eCommerce website design, our objective is to develop you an extremely practical and attractive E-shop which you know how to utilize.

We work alongside our customers to develop an easy to use, fully functioning eCommerce solution fit for purpose.
See how our website design team in Tipperary can help bring your store to the digital world.

Membership Websites

A membership site is an online business model where members pay a monthly fee for access to exclusive information, services, products, tools, training, support, coaching, and more.

Membership sites are built on trust and transparency. Members expect to learn how to do something quickly and easily, without having to go through a bunch of steps. When they sign up, they don't expect to spend hours reading manuals or watching tutorials.

A membership site gives its members instant gratification. If a member wants to learn how to grow a blog, he doesn't have to wait months for someone to teach him. He can jump right in and start learning.

The best way to create a membership website is to find a niche and fill it with useful resources. For example, if you specialize in blogging, you could create a membership site that teaches bloggers how to grow their blogs.

You'll also need to decide whether you want to charge a monthly subscription fee or a one-time fee. Most membership websites require a monthly payment. But there are exceptions. Some companies offer discounts for signing up for multiple years.

If you think that a membership site is the right fit for you, I can work with you to build out the membership portal.

Sales Funnels

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a process used to convert potential customers into paying customers. It consists of four stages: Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action. The first three stages are the most critical because they determine whether the customer buys from you at all. If he doesn't buy, then your business won't make money.

The goal of this stage is to get people interested in your product or service. You do this through advertising, marketing, word of mouth, etc. Once someone becomes aware of your product or service, he starts thinking about buying it. He might even start researching online about it. This is where his interest begins.

Once he's interested, he makes up his mind and decides if he wants to purchase the product or service right now. That decision leads him to the final step - action.

This is when he actually purchases the product or service. Now you've got a new customer!

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation
Rank on Google

SEO or search engine optimisation is vital for your business. For a website to be successful on the Internet you need people to be able to find it. Pixelweb Design have a track record of getting companies to no.1 rankings in search engines like Google. This is worth millions of Euros to companies across many different sectors. I have a passion for beating the opposition, and will always go the extra mile for our clients. Top search rankings for our clients reflect well on our business in Tipperary - your success ensures my success.

SEO is a long term marketing plan and it involves many different services. These SEO services are not complex and SEO as a science is certainly not rocket science. However, there is no substitute for experience in this industry. At Pixel Web Design, I have this experience to know what works and what does not work. You can sit back, relax and let me take care of it all or learn from me, and gain the ability to do things for yourself. The choice is yours!

SEO Strategy

It is important to look at the big picture when it comes to your website. Who is your target market? Where do they live? What are you selling? How are you selling it? What domain name should I choose? How much should I invest in SEO? These are some of the many questions that need to be answered in the initial SEO Strategy phase. It is very important not to rush into things. A carefully strategy needs to be planned.

I will analyse your website or idea for a website and formulate the correct plan of action. This plan will be tailored to suit both your short term and long term needs. If your top-level strategy is flawed then this will have major impacts on your success as an online business.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital in driving large amounts of relevant traffic to your website via search engines. People search for products and services by typing keywords and phrases into search engines. Your business needs to know what these keywords are and target each one of them. I try and identify every keyword and keyphrase that has the potential to drive quality / high conversion traffic to your website. I then target these keywords through optimising web pages on your website for those terms. This sounds easy, and it is, but it is vitally important that you get it right. If you are targeting the wrong words then you will bring poor quality traffic to your site.

Website Optimisation

Optimisation is a process whereby I make your website more relevant to search engines for your target keywords. Both the code and the content of websites needs to be optimised. When Google spiders visit your site they are looking for information that will help them decide what your web page is about. Therefore, it is the job of optimisation to tell these spiders what this page is about and what words you are targeting.

By carefully placing your keywords in strategic places in both the content and code of your website, I can enable your website to rank highly in the search results.

Some of the key areas of your website that need to be altered in this phase are.

• Changes to Content.
• Content body.
• Headings.
• Linking.
• Domain names.
• Bolded Keywords.
• Content Freshness.
• Changes to Code.
• Meta Details.
• Navigation.
• Alt tags.
• Reducing code clutter.
• Crawlability.
• Site Hierarchy.

I am technically qualified, which means that I know how to make the changes to your site. Results will be achieved quicker and it is easier for me to experiment with different optimisation techniques. This means you will save money and increase your profits.

Link Building

Links are probably the most important search engine ranking factors. Google tends to look at the Internet as one big popularity contest. The more friends or links you have the more popular your site appears to be. If your site is deemed popular by Google then this will be reflected in high search rankings.

Inbound links are links that point to your website from another website. Old websites can have 1000s of these links. This helps these websites to perform well in search results. Brand new websites have no inbound links.

Therefore, they are not deemed popular by Google and it is hard to rank well. It is very important for sites with a low number of links to try and generate links. I employ a number of different tactics to try and increase your inbound link totals.

·        Link Building Tactics
·        Quality Content Creation
·        Directory Registrations
·        Article Submissions
·        Press Releases
·        Blogging and Forums
·        Social Bookmarking

It is not just the amount of links that is important; the quality, relevance and anchor text used in these links are also important ranking factors. Links also come and go as websites appear and disappear. Therefore, the amount of links to your site is in constant fluctuation. It is important that link building is a constant factor in your Internet Marketing plan.

Local SEO

Local SEO Tipperary
Local SEO

Local SEO is a method of optimizing websites for users who are searching nearby. It includes many different aspects such as optimizing your website's content, building backlinks, and getting reviews from local businesses.

Local SEO is very similar to traditional SEO because they both try to get people to visit your site. However, there are some key differences. Traditional SEO focuses on attracting visitors from across the globe, whereas local SEO focuses on attracting visitors locally. This means that you should optimize your website for local customers.

The main difference between local SEO and traditional SEO is how you build your link profile. You must make sure that your website gets good quality backlinks from sites that are located in close proximity to where your potential customers live. The closer these sites are to where your potential customers are, the higher their value becomes.

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business (GMB) is a free service from Google where you can manage your business listing on Google Maps, including photos, reviews, ratings, hours of operation, directions, contact info, etc. GMB helps businesses get found online, build trust, and grow their business. It's easy to set up and use, so you can start getting results right away.

Google has made it easier than ever before to connect with customers by providing them with information on what's happening at your business. They also provide tools to help you reach new audiences, increase conversions, and improve customer experience.

Google Map Pack

The Google Maps Pack is a collection of tools and features designed to help you build and manage your own maps. It includes:

* A set of JavaScript libraries and APIs that allow developers to easily add interactive elements like markers, layers, and overlays to their websites.

* An online mapping service that lets you embed custom maps directly into your website.

* A suite of tools to make it easier to design, share, and publish maps.

* A tool that makes it easy to import data from external sources such as spreadsheets, databases, and XML files.

* Tools that let you analyze traffic patterns, measure distances, calculate directions, and generate reports.

The Google Maps API provides access to the geographic location of any place on Earth. The Google Maps API allows users to draw lines, circles, polygons, and points on a map, display satellite images, and retrieve driving directions. You can use this API to create rich, interactive maps for your site.

Online Directories & Citations

Directory Listings and Citations are two different types of citation that are used to increase the visibility of a website. Directory Listing is a listing of websites that are similar to yours. The list is usually published on a third party site such as Yahoo, Open Directory, etc.
Citation is when you mention another website in your own content. It helps others find your content if they do a search on Google or any other search engine. There are many ways to get listed in these sites. You can submit your URL manually or use automated tools like Moz Local, Majestic Backlinks, Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc.

Citations and Online directories should have consistency in the name of the business, the address and the phone number. This is commonly called the NAP.


Graphic Design, Logo Design and Branding

Logo Design Tipperary
Graphic Design Tipperary

Graphic design, logo design and brand identity are three different things that work together to form one cohesive whole. The main goal of any graphic designer is to make his/her client's message clear and memorable through the use of appropriate graphics. A good graphic designer must know how to communicate visually while keeping the viewer's attention.

Logo design is the process of designing a symbol (logotype) that represents a business or product. It is often used to promote a business, organization, person, product, service, cause, political party, etc., and serves as its corporate identity. In some cases, the logo itself becomes the primary marketing tool. Logos are usually represented graphically, typographically, or both.

Branding is the overall image of a company, product, or service. Branding includes logos, fonts, colours, designs, taglines, slogans, advertising campaigns, packaging, uniforms, and even employee dress code. Branding helps consumers recognize your products and services quickly so they feel confident buying from you.

Logo Design

A logo is one of the most powerful tools for any business. It's what people see first when they think of your company. A well-designed logo makes you memorable and helps customers identify your products and services. Your logo should reflect who you are, what you do, and how you want others to perceive you. In addition, a good logo communicates your values, vision, and mission statement.

Logo design is a creative process. You must consider many factors before deciding which direction to take. The following are some of the key considerations when designing a logo:

• Who Are You? - Does your logo represent your company's core values? Is it bold enough to stand out from the crowd? Do you like the way it looks?

• How Will People See It? - Think about how your logo might look on different media (print, Web, mobile) and devices (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone).

• How Can I Make My Company Brand More Memorable? - Consider ways to make your logo unique, memorable, and recognizable.

• How Will Customers Recognize Me? - If you're selling online, your logo should help shoppers find you. That means making sure your logo works across multiple platforms-from desktop computers to smartphones.

• How Will Others Perceive Me? - Your logo represents your company and its reputation. So, if you're concerned about how your logo will appear on third-party sites, ask someone else to review it.


Reasons why a strong brand is important for your small business

A strong brand is one of the most important factors for any business. It's what makes people choose you over others when they want to buy something from you. A strong brand is like having a good reputation. People will trust you because they know that you're reliable and trustworthy. If you don't have a strong brand, then no matter how great your products or services are, people won't believe them. They'll think that you're just another competitor trying to take advantage of their money.

When you have a strong brand, people will remember you when they need your product or service again. That means that if someone wants to buy a new car, they might look at different brands before deciding which one to get. But if they see that your name is on the car, they'll always go back to you. This is called brand loyalty.

Branding is very important for businesses because it helps people to recognize you and understand who you are. When people hear your name, they immediately think of what kind of products or services you offer. And once they do, they automatically associate those products or services with your brand.

In order to build a strong brand, you must first develop a unique identity. A unique identity is what sets you apart from everyone else. You should make sure that your logo looks professional and memorable. Then, use this logo everywhere you possibly can. For example, put it on your website, on your social media accounts, on your packaging, etc. Once you have a recognizable logo, you can start branding yourself.

You should also try to establish a clear message that represents your brand. Make sure that everything you say and do reflects your brand. Try to avoid saying things that contradict your brand. For example, if you sell shoes, don't talk about politics or religion. Also, don't lie. If you tell lies, people will realize that you're lying and they'll stop trusting you.

Finally, you should make sure that your customers feel satisfied after buying from you. If they don't feel satisfied, they won't come back. So, make sure that your products or services are of high quality and that you provide excellent customer support.

Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics are images that you create yourself. They are used for different purposes such as branding, advertising, marketing, social media posts, etc. Custom Graphics are usually used when you want something unique. You can choose from thousands of free stock photos online, but they don't always fit your design perfectly. Or if you do find one that fits your design, you might end up paying a lot of money for it.

When you make your own graphic, you get to control every aspect of it. This means that you can customize colours, fonts, sizes, shapes, etc. And because you're making it yourself, you know exactly what quality looks like. If you ever run into any problems, you can fix them right away.

There are two main types of custom graphics: vector graphics and raster graphics. Vector graphics are scalable and easy to edit. Raster graphics are pixelated and cannot be scaled. But if you want to add special effects to your image, then you would probably go with raster graphics.

Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos for Small Businesses are very effective marketing tools for advertising your products and services to your customers. They are usually short (1 - 5 minutes) and they are usually focused on one product or service. The main goal of these videos is to inform, educate, entertain, or persuade your potential customer. You should use them when you want to promote your products or services.

Product Videos

Product Videos are one of the most effective ways to communicate your products and services to potential customers. They help you build trust and credibility with your audience.

In my opinion product videos are an essential marketing tool for any business owner. They help you create awareness of your company and its products/services.

They also help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. Your video should tell your story and provide value to your viewers.

It helps to show how your products solve problems and make life easier. It shows how much time you spend working on your products and why they matter.

Intro Videos

An Introduction Video is a short video (less than 2 minutes) that introduces a product, service, website, etc. It should include some key points about the product/service and how it works. The goal of this type of video is to provide a quick overview of what you offer and why people should choose your services or products.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short videos (1-4 minutes) that explain complex concepts in a simple way. They are used to educate people who do not understand something. In addition, they help users learn how to use products and services. People like them because they are easy to watch and remember.

Drone Videos

I use a DJI mini 3 Pro drone for drone footage videos.

Aerial footage is a great way to capture your business from above. It's a unique angle that makes your product look beautiful and gives you the chance to show off what your business is doing. You can make videos that feature your products, services, employees, events, etc. The possibilities are endless!


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