Must Haves for a Successful Ranking Website

The key to a successful website for your business is having people visit and interact with it. How does your website better up when people Google one of your key business phrases.

Having expertise in search engine optimising can help you in determining if your site is using best practices follow Google’s ranking factors. Pixielweb design has 15 years of experience in SEO and can help you get your site to the top of the Google and the other search engines.

The Google algorithm is constantly changing and it is important to use expertise in the field to keep your website on the right track. The following ranking factors arguments that I currently believe are the most important.

Content: You may have hard to phrase “content is king”, and it really is. Quality content focuses on value to visitors and not on word count. Each word should add value, if it does not, edit it. Shorter high quality content beats long articles that wander off the point. Natural relevant keywords placed in the content make it valuable, but the keywords have to be used intelligently.

Backlinks from external sites: High quality backlinks from websites in your general niche will give your site authority in Google’s eyes. Low quality links will do nothing positive and may even hurt your website.

Does your website work well on mobiles:  In 2016, Google announced mobile first indexing which basically means, they are giving prominence to sites that have a mobile version of the website. With over half of searches done on mobile devices, it is now essential to have a mobile friendly website. And Pixelweb design, all our site designs are responsive, meaning they work well on any type of device.

The need for speed: The load speed of your website is important as people will not wait for slow websites to load on their smartphone or laptop. You can test your site speed at the Pingdom tools site. Webpages should load in under two seconds.

Security: Google favours sites with HTTPS encryption and have recently marked sites using HTTP (without encryption) as “not secure”. With HTTPS, the data is encrypted and this is essential when using sites that handle personal or financial information. All e-commerce stores should have SSL or HTTPS encryption.

Schema mark-up code: Schema mark-up is a tool to help Google with information such as addresses and phone numbers. It is very useful for local businesses but needs to be implemented correctly.

Social media marketing: When people search for you by brand, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help in ranking your site. While social signals are not a ranking factor per se, they do tell Google that there are people talking about your site and Google use this with other factors for ranking.

User friendliness: People should be able to navigate your site, if they can’t, they will leave quickly and this will lead to a high bounce rate. If your site is easy to navigate with engaging content, people will stay on the site longer. This leads to a low bounce rate and Google likes this.

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