Proximity to Search

Google is constantly changing its algorithms so you always should monitor the effects of certain SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques that may help your site to gain in the search engines. There are many factors in the Google algorithms that play a role in bringing your site up with somebody types in an industry related search term. But one of these factors has emerged in prominence recently. Local searches will bring up websites in the proximity of the searcher.

Why Is Proximity to Search Important

When your website comes up tops because you are the same geographic area as the searcher, you should ensure that the next thing the person will learn about your site will encourage them to do business with you.

Will they see positive reviews?

Will they see clear call to actions and an easy to navigate site?

Just because your site ranks highly on the search engine rank position (SERP), due to the fact, the searcher is near your location, does not mean that they will automatically choose you. If you do not provide engaging content and a good user experience, you will lose them.

All your reviews and testimonials should be authentic. Ask customers to leave reviews when you know that they have had a positive experience. You can make it easy for them to leave a review on your Google my Business page, by sending them a link to that page.

Positive reviews carry a lot of weight when people are searching for a company to do business with. Do not use fake reviews as they do not ring true and may prompt users to leave authentic bad reviews.

Proximity to the search can be a wonderful tank, but can also be useless unless you have the experience and trust to back it up.

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