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SEO or search engine optimisation is vital for your business. For a website to be successful on the Internet you need people to be able to find it. Pixelweb Design have a track record of getting companies to no.1 rankings in search engines like Google. This is worth millions of Euros to companies across many different sectors. I have  a passion for beating the opposition, and will always go the extra mile for our clients. Top search rankings for our clients reflect well on our business in Tipperary – your success ensures my success.

SEO is a long term marketing plan and it involves many different services. These SEO services are not complex and SEO as a science is certainly not rocket science. However, there is no substitute for experience in this industry. At Pixel Web Design, I have this experience to know what works and what does not work. You can sit back, relax and let me take care of it all or learn from me, and gain the ability to do things for yourself. The choice is yours!

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SEO Strategy

SEO Services Tipperary

It is important to look at the big picture when it comes to your website. Who is your target market? Where do they live? What are you selling? How are you selling it? What domain name should I choose? How much should I invest in SEO? These are some of the many questions that need to be answered in the initial SEO Strategy phase. It is very important not to rush into things. A carefully strategy needs to be planned.

I will analyse your website or idea for a website and formulate the correct plan of action. This plan will be tailored to suit both your short term and long term needs. If your top-level strategy is flawed then this will have major impacts on your success as an online business.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital in driving large amounts of relevant traffic to your website via search engines. People search for products and services by typing keywords and phrases into search engines. Your business needs to know what these keywords are and target each one of them.
I try and identify every keyword and keyphrase that has the potential to drive quality / high conversion traffic to your website. I then target these keywords through optimising web pages on your website for those terms. This sounds easy, and it is, but it is vitally important that you get it right. If you are targeting the wrong words then you will bring poor quality traffic to your site.

Pixel Web Design Keywords Research include:

• Analysis of client’s website.
• Analysis of client’s analytics packages or web logs.
• Analysis of client’s current or previous PPC campaigns.
• Analysis of competitor’s websites.
• Keyword research tools.
• Examining possible synonyms, spelling mistakes, split words, hyphenated words etc.

Web Optimization

Web ranking expert Tipperary

Optimisation is a process whereby I make your website more relevant to search engines for your target keywords. Both the code and the content of websites needs to be optimised. When Google spiders visit your site they are looking for information that will help them decide what your web page is about. Therefore, it is the job of optimisation to tell these spiders what this page is about and what words you are targeting. By carefully placing your keywords in strategic places in both the content and code of your website, I can enable your website to rank highly in the search results.
Some of the key areas of your website that need to be altered in this phase are.

• Changes to Content.
• Content body.
• Headings.
• Linking.
• Domain names.
• Bolded Keywords.
• Content Freshness.
• Changes to Code.
• Meta Details.
• Navigation.
• Alt tags.
• Reducing code clutter.
• Crawlability.
• Site Hierarchy.

I am technically qualified, which means that I know how to make the changes to your site. Results will be achieved quicker and it is easier for me to experiment with different optimisation techniques. This means you will save money and increase your profits.

Link Building

Links are probably the most important search engine ranking factors. Google tends to look at the Internet as one big popularity contest. The more friends or links you have the more popular your site appears to be. If your site is deemed popular by Google then this will be reflected in high search rankings.

Inbound links are links that point to your website from another website. Old websites can have 1000s of these links. This helps these websites to perform well in search results. Brand new websites have no inbound links.
Therefore, they are not deemed popular by Google and it is hard to rank well. It is very important for sites with a low number of links to try and generate links. I employ a number of different tactics to try and increase your inbound link totals.

·         Link Building Tactics
·         Quality Content Creation
·         Directory Registrations
·         Article Submissions
·         Press Releases
·         Blogging and Forums
·         Social Bookmarking

It is not just the amount of links that is important; the quality, relevance and anchor text used in these links are also important ranking factors. Links also come and go as websites appear and disappear. Therefore, the amount of links to your site is in constant fluctuation. It is important that link building is a constant factor in your Internet Marketing plan.

SEO Results Analysis

Not every SEO campaign will work as expected. Search engine positioning is not an exact science. Constant tweaks and changes will have to be made to campaigns to ensure optimum results. Therefore, it is vitally important that we track the SEO results and analyse them fully. Detailed reports and analysis are generally sent out to clients at the start of every month. However, if a client has specific reporting needs then we can also accommodate this request.


The Pixelweb SEO team look at 3 key metrics when analysing the success of an SEO campaign. These three metrics are:

  • Search Engine Rankings: At the start of your SEO marketing campaign we benchmark a selection of your current search rankings on a few different search engines. Each month we run a ranking report. This allows us to track the movement in rankings of your keyphrases.
  • Organic Traffic: SEO is concerned with organic traffic. This is the traffic sent to your site through non paid search listings. We benchmark your starting organic traffic figure and we try to improve on this. Each month we will send you a report detailing the changes in organic traffic.
  • Conversions: This is the most important metric to measure. We identify what your goals are e.g. selling a product, and each month we analyse the improvement in goal conversions for you.


It is not enough just to make some SEO changes to your website and leave it like that. You need to analyse everything you do to ensure that it works. Pixelweb’s SEO team insert tracking code into websites. This code will allow us to view very detailed reports of how your website is performing.

Through analysis we are able to see:

  • What keyphrases people used to find your website
  • What pages people visited and which pages people left your site on
  • What part of your checkout process people abandoned their shopping cart at
  • Where in the world people were visiting your website from
  • How many unique and returning visitors came to your site
  • Exact transaction breakdowns
  • Which medium e.g. search, direct, referral resulted in the most conversions.

Social Media for SEO

In the last 10 years there has been an explosion in the number of social media platforms available.  Online companies need to be aware of the power of social media to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Viral marketing can often make or break companies online. Do you know what people are saying about your service online? No? Well you should.

I can help you develop your social media plan. This could involve creating Youtube accounts for your videos, creating a Twitter, Facebook or even a Instagram page. It could involve controlling what people are saying about you online. It could involve embracing blogs and industry specific forums. If you need to really connect with the Internet then I have the fresh ideas for you. We have grown up with web 2.0 and live it every day.

Best SEO Practices

There is very little point bringing huge amounts of traffic to a website if your website looks and functions terribly. People will not convert and they will leave your site very quickly. An SEO campaign works best when combined with a web design plan. You company needs an SEO friendly web design. The benefit of hiring me as your SEO specialist is that I provide a web design service as well. This allows me to quickly identify and solve problems with your website.

I can ensure that your website is:

  • SEO friendly
  • Set-up to drive conversions
  • Free from coding errors and clutter
  • Performing to its full capability, through a-b testing.
  • Sticky (people stay on your site for a long time)

For new websites, it is vital that your website embraces SEO concepts from the beginning. I am fully aware of what it takes to make an SEO friendly web design. This will save you a lot of money. Web design is not just about making pretty websites. It is also about providing a solid foundation upon which you can build strong marketing campaigns in the future. What is the point of having the prettiest website if you cannot get people to visit it? My SEO and web design solutions will ensure that your website is found online.

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