What words are people using when they are searching for your services on the Internet? Is your site optimised with the search words that potential customers are using to search for your services?

These are questions that you should consider when taking steps in creating web pages.

How Relevant and Important Are the Search Words That You Are Using?

If your website does not show in search results for search terms that typical user types into the search engine, then your website needs to be optimised. These search terms or keywords are words or phrases that people type into a search engine to find relevant web pages to match their query. If you are looking for a plumber in Dublin, you would naturally type “plumber in Dublin” or perhaps “plumbers Dublin”. If you have a plumbing business that services locations in the Dublin area, you will have a plumber in your business name and on your website so that it ranks in the top of Google’s search engine ranking positions (SERPS).

Along with the word “plumber”, you will also want to have other relevant keywords that people search for on your website. Other keywords for a plumber may be “local plumbers”, “24-hour plumber” and “emergency plumber”. The plan should be to use as many search terms as possible to get your website noticed.

At Pixelweb design, we can help you with devising a list of relevant keywords for your company and show you how to use them in SEO for your business.

Finding the Right Search Keywords

While some clients have an instinct about what keywords are important in their business, they should really use hard evidence on exactly what keywords and key phrases to use. There are many online tools which will produce a big list of keywords to consider. You can then narrow down the list to determine the keywords that are used most frequently and the ones that may have been overlooked by competitors.

By using the expertise at Pixelweb design, you will get a list of the most beneficial keywords for your business. We will analyse your website and other sites in your niche and come up with relevant keywords.

How to Utilise Your Search Keywords

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Once you have chosen the best search keywords to use, you will want to use them in titles and content. Keywords should be split into groups for best effect and each group should be used for individual pages or posts. This ensures that each keyword is used in the best possible way.

When keywords are shoehorned into sentences unnaturally, it affects the readability of the content and tends to frustrating the reader, who then may leave the page. The objective is to use the keywords in such a way that the site gets attention from search engines and a greater amount of traffic.

Think quality over quantity when it comes to keywords.

Deciphering Search Keywords

Whether you have a start-up business or have been in business for a long time, understanding how search keywords work and how your business uses them can be vital to the success or failure of your business. It is a process that requires some expertise. By picking the wrong search go after, or by incorrectly using search terms will have little or no effect on your website promotion.

To make keywords for you, let us at Pixelweb design help you. We understand how the process works and can work with you to increase your website traffic and improve your profits.

Contact Pixelweb design at + 353 (0) 648 31574 for help in understanding the relevance of search terms and how to get your site to perform at peak efficiency.

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