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The Design Process

Sport horse Web design site in Tipperary Using WordPress we create beautiful, responsive and functional online presences. Web design companies, agencies and freelancers build their reputations on providing excellent service, while exceeding client expectations.

  • Every project that we take on is with attention to detail and a sense of pride in the completed work.
  •  We work quickly and are always available for communication.
  • We meet with clients at our office in Tipperary or in their place of business.
  • We can additionally talk on Skype if they are elsewhere in Ireland.
  • We usually build a sample front page on a domain which we own, so that the client can see if they want to hire us.
  • We can build a wireframe of the proposed website for clients who require this.
  • We deliver projects on time and on a budget.
  • We provide training on how to use the website.
  • We provide support for the site for six months, at no additional cost.


Web design for company in ThurlesWe design and build websites that work. Web design has changed over the years, and as your site is a reflection of your business, you need to have a modern website which will give your clients confidence in your business.
We build websites using WordPress CMS as WordPress is the market leader in content management systems, is easy to configure for SEO and is responsive for mobile-friendly sites. We are located near Nenagh, and most of our clients are from Tipperary and Limerick. We also have clients from Dublin, Cork and Antrim, some of which we have only communicated with through Skype and email. If it is possible, We try to meet clients in person, as we think this is the best way to understand what the customer needs from their website.

Website Re-design

Gardening website redesign NenaghMany customers require a web redesign. They are happy with their contents but the look and functionality of their site is not adequate. We can redesign a website from a PhotoShop PSD file, which the client has purchased. We can also do a complete redesign for the customer.

A lot of older sites are not responsive. Unresponsiveness means that they do not function well on smartphones or tablets (not mobile friendly). Every website that we build or redesign will be responsive, mobile friendly and we optimise for search engines and load speed.

We usually start with the client’s logo and branding, to get an idea of the colours, fonts and images that will work well on their website.

The typography of the site is also significant, as the fonts and text sizes are essential elements to convey a company’s message.

Each web page should be optimised for one or two keywords and have a strong call to action.

Mobile Responsive Design

Responsive web design, LimerickYou need your website to be workable on all devices and all browsers. By using a responsive site design, the end user experiences a better result. Google reports that 61% of visitors will leave a website if they are not able to view it on a mobile device. Consequently, Google states that it considers a responsive web design to be the best solution.

With a responsive design, the same content is available to all users. The content stacks differently on different devices and screens. Responsive design works by using mobile CSS and media queries. These detect the screen size by pre-set break points and displays content accordingly.

Google estimates that viewers will leave a website if the website is slow to load. It seems that the crucial time is two seconds for a mobile device and 4 seconds for a desktop. As a result, Site speed is a key consideration, when considering the site design.

Ways To Boost A Websites Rankings & Traffic

Having a website is just one part of the story. It could die a natural death without traffic coming into it. However, the worldwide web could be filled with zillions of websites and ensuring traffic for each one of them is not easy to say the least. It calls for hiring professionals who know how to go about it professionally and with the right focus. We are happy to share a few tips which could help play a big role in boosting website rankings. We are sure it includes quite a few things such as SEO, Pay per click and other such things. We hope it will help in improving rankings of websites by quite a few notches.



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