Why Quality Content Is a Must Have for Your Website

Do you have a lot of content on your website? If so, how much of that content is quality content. Quality beats quantity any day and website full of useless content renders your site useless, when it comes to ranking highly on search engines and converting visitors into clients.

What Exactly Is Quality Content?

The phrase “quality content” may mean different things to different people, so it is important to understand what we mean by quality content. When you stand just what is, then you can start providing quality content on your website for your site visitors.

  • Informative and Useful. People use the Internet when they are looking for useful information on a topic. They will not wade through all the text on your web page, as they need to find out if your content is relevant to their search quickly. Make sure that your site provides informative and user friendly content, that your visitors will find easily.
  • Trust and Credibility. It does not matter what business or niche you are in, your site has to be trustworthy and believable. If visitors feel that they cannot trust you, they will not do business which you. The content on your website should show your expertise and experience as well as evidence (testimonials) that other people trust you too. You will not only gain credibility by showing that you are an authority in your field, you will also rank well on Google and other search engines. Google’s algorithms will rate your site appropriately as an authority site or as just another filler content site.
  • High-Value. You are in competition with other businesses to get the attention and business from potential buyers of your products or services. If your content stands out by providing information people cannot get anywhere else, they will choose your business. When your content is seen as valuable, it is seen as high quality.
  • Grammar and Spelling. Typos, spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation can distract and annoy people. You may be presenting great ideas, but if you yours are hampered in understanding your points by errors in content, they will get annoyed and frustrated and may leave the site. By proofreading your copy several times, this can be avoided.

How Important Is Quality Content to SEO

Quality content and SEO (search engine optimisation) go hand-in-hand. Good content will naturally rank highly on search engines. At Pixelweb design, we can help you with writing quality content and understanding the tactics in SEO that bring high rank in Google. We can ensure that your site has quality content because we know the importance of it, when it comes to ranking highly on the search engines.

  • Your message will be understood by your website visitors. Your content will be clear, concise and informative to your visitors, who will know exactly what you are saying.
  • Reduced bounce rate. When your visitors are interested in what they are reading, they will stay on webpage longer, reducing the bounce rate and eventually improving the rank on search engines.
  • Share worthy content. When visitors like what they are reading, they will be more likely to share on their various social media accounts. Shared quality content can lead to viral content, which can only be a good thing.

Things to Avoid When Building Quality Content for Your Website

As important as it is to know what quality content is how to write it, it is just as important to know what practices to avoid, when creating content.

  • Avoid stuffing keywords. It is extremely annoying reading an article where keywords are inserted unnaturally into sentences. It reads wrong and can frustrate the reader. It is much better to only use keywords where they do not affect the flow of the article. Write for real people and not for search engines.
  • Avoid offensive language. People do not like being talked down to, so find a tone that is informative, but not condescending. Bad language should be avoided totally as people who are offended by your content will not do business with you.
  • Your content should be your original content. Do not use other people’s content without giving credit to them. Take your eyes content is easily spotted by a variety of tools and the original author can easily spot it as well. Respect other people’s content and write your own content in your own voice.
  • Make it easier for visitors. People these days have a lower attention span and you need to let them know what the content is about in the first paragraph.
  • People tend to scan webpages to get the gist of what they are about. To aid people in this, you should use short paragraphs, bullet points and some bold text. This will enable the website visitor to find the information that they are looking for quickly and easily, without having to trawl through all your content.

Quality content keeps visitors and search engines happy. Visitors will return for more of the same and search engines will reward the content higher ranking.

If you want to become an authority in your field by providing quality content, contact Pixelweb design at +353 (0) 87 648 3157 and let us help you make your site stand out from your competitors by creating quality content.

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