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WordPress CMS

The industry leading CMS; WordPress

WordPress design techniquesFor the website to be successful, it needs to be not only professionally and aesthetically designed, but also flexible, scalable, robust and secure.
This is why I use WordPress as my CMS of choice. Over 77 million websites around the world use WordPress, which is over 26% worldwide.
WordPress is an open source platform which designers love because it boasts a huge amount of resources, themes and plug-ins, which provide style and functionality at an affordable price. There are also premium themes and plug-ins available for specific needs.
As these resources are available to everyone, one might think that a website will not be unique. This, however, is not the case has a professional web designer will be able to produce a totally unique website either by using existing themes of creating one from scratch.
Examples of WordPress plug-ins include social media sharing, slideshows, SEO, galleries and hundreds of others.


WordPress is favoured by Google

When you get a website designed and built, your main aim is to get found on top spot in Google for your business keywords. Google tends to favour WordPress sites as they are built well and have plug-ins to enable search engine to index and rank them easily.
WordPress also makes it easy to produce a responsive site. A mobile friendly responsive site is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm as Google does not like sites that are not mobile friendly.

WordPress and e-commerce

There are many plug-ins available: MarketPress, Cart 66, WP Ecommerce and WooCommerce are some that I have used. All of them are good, depending on the functionality you want, but I tend to use WooCommerce a lot, as the base offering is free and it is easy to use and configure.

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